Never get on the ground again to foam roll your legs, calves, hips or feet.

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Rolflex & Rolflex Pro

Never get on the ground again


Ever since my first trigger point massage and experiencing the physical relief from the therapy my view on muscle recovery was forever changed! Massage therapy gets awkwardly pricey though... so I quickly started trying to do it myself. Through this process the Rolflex Pro has become one of my essential massage tools. 

Modern Tarzan, 4X American Ninja Warrior Finalist

"It’s revolutionary"... “I could actually say that this is right up there with being the most important tool in my training room.

Gary Vitti, 32 Year Athletic Trainer for LA Lakers

My forearms and calves were always tight and achy after working out until I got the Rolflex. But now the Rolflex has been leveled up with the Rolflex Pro! The Rolflex Pro's dual stability rollers and higher density yellow roller are great for foam rolling hard and awkward body parts like my knees and elbows. The Rolflex Pro is awesome!

Juji Mufu, America's Got Talent Competitor & YouTube Personality